After browsing our extremely easy to use and wonderfully professional website, you select the sash of your dreams. Maybe it's perfect the way it is, maybe you add a few tweaks of your own - you selected it, and now it's our turn...

After we receive your order, we'll email you to let you know that it's safe in our hands. Then the order is passed on to our Sash Professionals in the production team. Edwardian Script you say? Clip art of a dinosaur with an umbrella? No problem. We make your sash and ship it within 24 hours. We'll email you when we do that too...

You get home from your day-to-day business and - what's this? The postman has been and you think to yourself: "Blimey, that was quick!" You rip open the packet to see your sash in all of it's satin glory. Then, you pull it out of the packet, put it over your shoulder and attatch it with the self-adhesive velcro provided. "Nice sash!" your neighbour shouts. You're welcome.


    Personalised White Lace Sash


    Not what you're looking for?

    Fear not! We have a whole host of sash designs and if none of our designs ruffle your feathers, you can always select a personalised sash and design one yourself.

    Just remember: if there's a personal touch you were hoping to add to ANY sash, be it our design or your own, don't hesitate to get in contact so we can make it happen!

    This week's sash of the week is the Personalised White Lace Sash! From our wide range of Hen Party and Engagement sashes, this sash is perfect for the Bride to Be and doubles as a brilliant keepsake.

    The sash is made from a lightweight lace and the text is embellished onto the sash with heat-transferred vinyl text, delivering a luxury finish! It's an extremely unique product that is sure to set the wearer apart from the crowd while celebrating at the party!


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